We are strangers to ourselves, which is wonderful, so we can be hospitable to ourselves and curious about our own lives. I used to be a pastor and would preach a sermon "Normal Is a Setting on a Washing Machine." I lasted for 10 years, turned in my credentials, and left opting for holy weirdness in the temple of life. It was a painful and pivotal move of self-compassion. Thank you for reminding me of this holy path.

I am also passionate cook and fan of Tony. You might have oversimplified his life, but that comes with any comment on any life. (I appreciate you daring to consider a connection between our fear of ourselves and of exhaustion to the point of giving up.)

For the mystics, scientists, artists, and countless "normal" people, departure from normal has been their lifeline and life-giving for the rest of us. Thank you for raising the flag. I'm in.

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