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Step beyond the made-up complexity and artificial urgency of everything

A woman cooking in her kitchen.
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In Ancient Greece, the word for “cook” and “priest” was the same — “mageiros” — sharing an etymological root with “magic.” The word appears again in the revealing 1814 anonymous Old English book, The School for Good Living, defining “magirist” as a “cook and an artist in good living.”

Who is a leader and who is a follower is becoming less and less clear, and, frankly, less and less relevant.

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My friend Nate battled cancer last year. After an abrupt diagnosis and surgery, he and his wife moved to New York City and stayed with my family during the chemo and radiation treatment.

Nate is a leader at Community Solutions, a national non-profit organization, untangling the knot of homelessness. …

You might have to fight for it. And you might have to take a mystic jailbreak too.

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The moment I allow my heart to feel this void, to have this conversation, a miracle occurs

Frank Schaeffer, a New York Times bestselling author of more than a dozen fiction and nonfiction books, is not a normal person. I remember when he first stayed with us in our apartment…

A Recipe for an American Sacrament

When I came to the United States, cornbread was a revelation. Corn originated here and took over the world. There are national corn dishes all over the world, Italian polenta being an example of a notorious one. …

The past is never gone. The future is already in the making. That’s why we can deal with the pandemic and racism.

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Memory is not just a then, recalled in a now, the past is never just the past, memory is the pulse passing through all created life, a waveform, a then continually becoming other thens, all the while creating a continual but almost untouchable now. But the guru’s urge to live…

Samir Selmanović PhD

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